Safe Travels


Safe Travels is a puzzle game developed during the 2021’s LiNK CMGT Game Jam, in which the player must slow down objects to traverse through all 18 levels. The game was developed under the period of 48 hours.

About the Game

Safe Travels was developed during the LiNK CMGT Jam, in which the theme was: Slow. Safe Travels is a puzzle game in which the player can slow objects down to ensure the safe passage of space ships until they reach the wormhole to their destination.

How to Play?

Safe Travels is a puzzle game in which taking your time and being patient pays off. At any time the player can click on objects to slow them down until they are clicked again, which makes them return to their default speed. Each level has a limit to how many objects can be slowed down at the same time – so use your powers carefully.

This explanation is also presented in-game through a simple tutorial, as seen below:

Notice that only objects with the Arrow Icon can be slowed down.


  • 18 Puzzle Levels
  • Not your average stressing game – take things slow
  • 5 Different Objects to be Slowed Down
  • Minimalistic & Nice Graphics
  • Original Soundtrack

The game was done mostly using Unity’s Shader Graph. Most of the assets in game are merely planes and spheres with self-made shaders using Unity’s shader graph.

Most of the game’s assets are planes and spheres using Unity’s Shader Graph. The Space Ship used is a free asset from, part of the Space Kit package. The starry background is the same used in the Endure game, with only a few parameters changes to be suit Safe Travels’ style.

Starry sky made with Unity Shader Graph. Modified from the Shader using in Endure.
Wormhole made using Unity Shader Graph.

The Wormhole was programmed using this tutorial as base, with the addition of some particle effects.

The game also uses some of the UI packages from, as well as the Pattern Pack and the Crosshair Pack.

Unity Highlight

Safe Travels was featured in the Made With Unity – Let’s Play! May Showcase:

Made With Unity – Let’s Play! May Showcase.

Unity Version and Unity Play

The game was built using Unity Version 2021.1.5f1.

You can access the Unity Play project on Safe Travels Unity Play.


The soundtrack and others can also be access on the Musics section.

Gameplay Video


Early Ideas & Versions

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