Hello and welcome to the Dagon Graphics webpage.

Dagon Graphics is my (Yvens R. Serpa) personal project for all things creative. I like the term “all things creative” because it is vague enough to encompass any project—literally, anything. As a summary, it includes my Game Design article, my random (and weird) Creative Texts, my Games, my pieces on Game Development & Software Development, and my works of art. It now also includes music!

Dagon Graphics is not a typo, but a reference and honor to Father Dagon, a deity from the Cthulhu Mythos known to be the ruler of the deep ones and Mother Hydra’s consort. Dagon is a creature that captures the essence of many things I like: it is an Eldritch Abomination; it is linked to the ocean; it is part of a cosmic horror mythos; it is referenced in many other great works of fiction, such as the Witcher series and A Song of Ice and Fire; and finally, it is the God of Fish (I am a big fan of sushi).

This website is meant as a hub, connecting all different sources I publish my works, as well as a content provider of its own. There are some pieces I intend only to post here since it provides me more flexibility and freedom. If you are interested in following my productions, do not forget to enroll for my mailing list and stay up to date.

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