Endure is a bullet hell game developed during the 2021’s Bullet Hell Game Jam, in which the player must endure through 11 levels of difficulty to face the final boss. The game was developed under the period of 7 days.

About the Game

Endure was developed following the Bullet Hell Jam’s theme: 10 Seconds. In Endure, every 10 seconds reward the player with XP Points, which can be used to unlock Upgrades. Also, every 10 seconds enemies will spawn depending on the Danger Level being played.

How to Play?

Endure allows the player to choose its own pacing: the difficulty is only increased by the player when the player decides to do so. The higher the difficulty, the more XP Points will be given to the player every 10 seconds. These XP Points can be used to buy upgrades.

As a player, it is up to you to decide wether to endure a harder difficulty in exchange for a bigger reward, or if you want to play safer in a lower difficulty zone and unlock more perks first. However, bear in mind that once increased, the difficulty cannot be reverted.

Being hit by enemy bullets will deplete your health and once it reaches zero you can either spend 80% of your current XP Points stock, or exit the game.

Once the final Danger Level is reached (11), you can spawn the final boss. Defeating the final boss ends the game. Congratulations, you have endured long enough 🙂


  • 11 Danger Levels + 1 Final Boss
  • Bullet Hell
  • 8 Different Types of Upgrades + A Shield Upgrade
  • Minimalistic & Nice Graphics
  • Chill sound track (credits to OpenGameArt)

The game was done using only free assets. Most of the visuals are from Kenney.nl, most notably the Simple Space package, which composes 99% visual aspects of the game.

Image with no description
Simple Space package from Kenney.nl.

The background and the shield effect were done using Unity’s shader graph.

Starry sky made with Unity Shader Graph.
Player shield made with Unity Shader Graph.

Source Code

The source code for the entire game is available on GitHub here.

All assets are either free or made by me, and they are all included in the repository.

The game was built using Unity Version 2021.1.0f1.

Gameplay Video


Early Ideas & Versions

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