Moon Gun


Moon Gun is an action/strategy game developed during the 2020’s Github Game Off Game Jam, in which the player must defend the lunar base of S/2009S1 while also managing its resources, upgrades, and quests. The game was developed under the period of one month.

About the Game

Moon Gun was developed following the Game Jam’s theme: Moonshot. In Moon Gun, you have to manage the base of S/2009S1 during a Phlebotium extraction operation. Due to its dangerous position in Saturn’s asteroid belt, the moon base is continuously at risk of being hit by asteroids. Use the Turret, your only offensive mechanism, to destroy the asteroids and protect the facilities. But fear not! In the operation’s early stages, the protective shield covering the base is strong enough to hold up for as many asteroids as you might let slip away. However, as the extraction intensifies, worse and more menacing dangers will arise!

Game Development & Post-Mortem

An essay on how Moon Gun came to be in its 1 month of development.


  • Story Mode
  • 3 Upgrade Facilities
  • 2 Different Weapons
    • Including multiple upgrades for its features
  • 6 Different Asteroids
    • Including a Treasure Asteroids that generates randomized loot
  • Settings Controls for
    • Music
    • Sound Effects
    • Visual Effects intensity
  • 8 Quests
  • Guaranteed Chaos

Source Code

The source code for the entire game is available on GitHub here.

The game was done using mostly free assets from various sources, and a few paid assets. Additionally, some assets were designed and developed solely for the game by Kaleo Mendes. Kaleo’s assets are available in here and also in the game’s repository.


Early Ideas & Versions

First drafts and ideas for the game
Early versions of the cannon and visual effects.
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