Lost Relics


Lost Relics is a puzzle game developed during the 2021’s Global Game Jam, in which the player must dig up relics using (unreliable) maps. The game was developed under the period of 48 hours.

About the Game

Lost Relics was developed following the Game Jam’s theme: Lost & Found. In Lost Relics, you control an explorer digging up for treasures using (unreliable) maps. The maps have to be collected on each level and their position in the mini-map (top-left corner) is a good trick to help you locate where the treasure actually is.


  • 4 Levels
  • Guaranteed Exploration
  • Lots of Dust
  • Cool visual effects and graphics

The game was done using mostly paid assets and a few free assets from various sources. Most notably, the assets are mostly from either SYNTY Studios, Sidearm Studios, and N-hance Studio. I have no legal necessity to mention them, but they surely deserve the recognition for the awesome work they do. Being a solo-dev makes you strive for high quality while sticking to a fairly low budget and short time. And by using these assets, I can quickly create nice looking game and prototypes.


Early Ideas & Versions

Brain storm ideas for the game. It makes sense to me, but is hardly of use to anyone else 🙂
Camera swapping and movements.
Digging time!
Finishing a level
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