Game Design & Development

Game Design

How to Start Designing Games
Violence and Video Games from a Design Perspective
Progression and Motivation Through Upgrades in Games
Struggles of Making Games from a Game Design Perspective
How Power Impacts Gameplay
Three-Axes of Morality in Games
Trauma and the Three-Act Structure: Garnet’s Arc in Final Fantasy IX
Player Types, Domination, and the Core Question of Your Game’s Design

The Faces of Domination — An Essay on Bartle’s Killer Player Type

Overcooked — The Other as Gameplay

Raging the Game Flow — The Berserker frenzy mechanic in Torchlight 2

Breaking Monotony — How Soul Blazer effectively uses GAR-Cycles

Revised Gameplay Variety through Luck – Stardew Valley: On Crops and Randomness

Gameplay Variety through Luck — A Brief Analysis on Crops and Randomness in Stardew Valley

Level Design

On Building Levels — Quick Man’s Stage, Push & Pull, and Risk & Reward

Another Approach for Teaching Gameplay — Antepieces, Challenges, and Megaman X

Leading The Blind — Lara Croft GO, Simple Games, and Efficient Tutorials

Game Economy

Game Resources: Context, Importance, and Inherent Value
Feedback Loops in Game Economics

The Pillars of Internal Economy — An Introduction to Game Economics

Progress as a Resource — Planning Your Game as a Gathering

Game Development

Fast Prototyping in Unity: Coroutines
How I made A Game in One Month
Fast Prototyping in Unity: Four More Techniques for Faster Unity 3D Development
Fast Prototyping in Unity: Four Techniques for Faster Unity 3D Development
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