Game Design & Development

How to Prepare for the Global Game Jam
Lessons from Making Games in 48 hours

Game Design

How to Start Designing Games
Violence and Video Games from a Design Perspective
Progression and Motivation Through Upgrades in Games
Struggles of Making Games from a Game Design Perspective
How Power Impacts Gameplay
Three-Axes of Morality in Games
Trauma and the Three-Act Structure: Garnet’s Arc in Final Fantasy IX
Player Types, Domination, and the Core Question of Your Game’s Design
The Faces of Domination — An Essay on Bartle’s Killer Player Type
Overcooked – The Other as Gameplay
Raging the Game Flow – The Berserker frenzy mechanic in Torchlight 2
Breaking Monotony – How Soul Blazer effectively uses GAR-Cycles
Gameplay Variety through Luck – A Brief Analysis on Crops and Randomness in Stardew Valley

There is also an updated version of the Stardew Valley article on the Super Jump Magazine website. Access it here.

Level Design

On Building Levels – Quick Man’s Stage, Push & Pull, and Risk & Reward
Another Approach for Teaching Gameplay – Antepieces, Challenges, and Megaman X
Leading the Blind – Lara Croft GO, Simple Games, and Efficient Tutorials

Game Economy

Game Resources: Context, Importance, and Inherent Value
Feedback Loops in Game Economics

The Pillars of Internal Economy — An Introduction to Game Economics

Progress as a Resource – Planning your Game as a Gathering

Game Development

Fast Prototyping in Unity: Coroutines
How I made A Game in One Month
Fast Prototyping in Unity: Four More Techniques for Faster Unity 3D Development
Fast Prototyping in Unity: Four Techniques for Faster Unity 3D Development
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