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Unity Development at Log Rocket Blog

Making Procedural Noise in Unity – Original & Unedited Version

Create an easy, reliable, and clean UI in Unity – Original & Unedited Version

Easy environment design with Unity Terrain features – Original & Unedited Version

Fast Prototyping in Unity: Scriptable Objects – Original & Unedited Version

Software Development

GIT: It Is Never Too Late to Ignore Files

Academic Papers

A Draw Call-Oriented Approach for Visibility of Static and Dynamic Scenes with Large Number of Triangles

Serpa, Y. R., & Rodrigues, M. A. F. (2019). A draw call-oriented approach for visibility of static and dynamic scenes with large number of triangles. The Visual Computer35(4), 549-563.


A Serious Game to Practice Stretches and Exercises for a Correct and Healthy Posture

Rodrigues, M. A. F., Serpa, Y. R., Macedo, D. V., & Sousa, E. S. (2018). A serious game to practice stretches and exercises for a correct and healthy posture. Entertainment Computing28, 78-88.



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