Unfreeze is a Shump developed during the 2021’s Game Jaaj 6 Game Jam, in which the health and energy bar share the same space: getting more health will take over part of the energy, and vice-versa. Unfreeze is set into an alternate reality in which supremacist and intolerant Penguins, the Penguivels, represent a global danger. Hyper, an ace-Hippo-pilot, is the leader of the rebellion that is going to strike the ultimate blow against the Penguivels, and show them that there is no tolerance to intolerance. The game was developed under the period of 9 days.

About the Game

Unfreeze was developed during the Game Jaaj 6 Game Jam, in which the theme was: Cyclos (or “Ciclos”, in Brazilian Portuguese). Unfreeze is a Schmup in which the health and energy capacities share the same circle – collecting one of them when it is already full, will take over the capacity from the other up to a minimum.

Unfreeze is set into an alternate reality in which supremacist and facists Penguins, the Penguivels, represent a global danger that is again, as it often happens in history – a cycle of hatred. Hyper, the ace-Hippo-pilot of the rebellion is leading the revolution to take back the world into its sense and in defense of art, sciences, and culture.

How to Play?

Unfreeze input system uses the new Unity Input System, and it supports keyboard and gamepad. The controls are:

  • WASD or Left Stick: Control the space ship
  • Space Bar or South Button: Shoot
  • (hold) Shift or Left Trigger: Cycle Power

There is an in-game tutorial in the 1st level about how these mechanics work.

The bigger your energy bar, the higher the score multiplier. Thus, playing in a more aggressive and less safe approach will certainly lead you to a higher final score.

Additionally there are no lives in the game. If you die, you can either spend half your score to continue, or go back to the main menu.



  • 2 Levels
  • 3 Bosses
  • Choose your path: keep a higher HP or a higher Energy bar (+ higher score modifier)
  • Infinite revives: spend half of your score to keep on playing
  • Against fascism
  • Guaranteed bullet hell madness
  • Original Soundtrack

Most of the assets in game are from the Pixel Shmup package from Kenney.nl.

Kenney Shmup Sample from kenney.nl/assets/pixel-shmup.

Additionally, I have made variations on these assets to fit the theme better.


The soundtrack and others can also be access on the Musics section.


Early Ideas & Versions

Version 0.1 – First tests using the Cycle Power

Version 0.2 – Health/Energy Circle implemented + Initial Post-Processing Effects

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