Antypoda is a puzzle game developed during the 2022’s Global Game Jam, in which the player must control elemental beetles to reach their goals without crossing each other’s paths through all 15 levels. The game was developed over a period of 48 hours.

About the Game

Antypoda was developed during the Global Game Jam 2022, in which the theme was: Duality. Antypoda is a puzzle game in which the player alternates between controlling two beetles to reach their destination. However, they cannot cross each other paths nor touch the ground affected by their opposing type.

How to Play?

Antypoda is a puzzle game about strategy and precision, but it also requires a small amount of patience. While controlling a beetle, the player can Left Click with the mouse to tell the beetle where it should move to – but it will take its own time and path to reach the desired location. Be careful where you ask it to move to because the path towards the goal might require a few deviations.

The player can also switch between beetles at any time by pressing the Space Bar. However, when a beetle reaches its goals, the player cannot regain control over it again.


  • 15 Puzzle Levels
  • Easy controls
  • Multiple mechanics and twists to keep the game engaging
  • Minimalistic & Nice Graphics
  • Original Soundtrack

The game was done mostly using Unity’s Shader Graph. Most of the assets are planes and cubes combined with self-made shaders and textures from free packages. The beetles are part of a free asset from Meshtint Studio, the Meshtint Free Polygonal Metalon.

The tile animation is done using a custom Unity shader graph that combines textures, lerping the values according to a normalize parameter, and a noise texture.

Unity Version and Unity Play

The game was built using Unity Version 2021.1.28f1.


The soundtrack and others can also be access on the Musics section.


Early Ideas & Versions

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